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Mailing address
47, Al-safa Street,
El-Ghazella, Ariana, Tunisia, 2083

Meet our team

Dr. Rayhana Khaireddine

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Rayhana is a pharmacist and healthcare entrepreneur. Being part of the healthcare staff brought her to see the challenges surrounding the blood donation system in her home country, Tunisia. She then decided to take action and start "Blood For Life". Rayhana is also an alumna of the Swedish program SHE entrepreneurs.

She aspires for a world where blood transfusion is safe and blood donation is easy and accessible. 

Eng. Alaeddine Azaiez

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Alaeddine Azaiez is a multidisciplinary skilled engineer, responsible for the complete product management lifecycle from customer discovery, ideation, prototyping, testing and then the development.

He collaborates with Developers, Product Designers, Senior Leadership team, Marketers, and with customers to create a winning product

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